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We believe that music is for everyone. 

Our Community Bookshelf

Our commmunity bookshelf at every branch allows students to share piano books, score sheets and upcycle their lesson materials. Anyone who wishes to donate or pay-it-forward is welcome to add your books in our bookshelf collection. Anyone is also welcomed to check out the bookshelf and take what you need.


We offer Subsidised Music Lessons for children from low-income family.


Music Lessons

Subsidized rates (45min lesson)

Beginner to Grade 2:
$30 per lesson

Grade 3-4:

$40 per lesson

We offer special subsidized lessons for children with lower income family. These subsidized lessons are subsidised by our very own music school in-house. This is because we believe that music is for everyone, and everyone should be given a chance to learn and pursue something they like! This subsidized lesson scheme is only applicable to BLUE CHAS card holders or equivalent for lessons up till Grade 4.

Design Paper

Our Library Resources

We have many music books with various songs for various instruments. Feel free to take reference from these books to learn outside the classroom.

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