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Student Teachers

Students pursuing Grade 7 or 8 will be given opportunities to teach with guidance from senior teachers. 

Music Teachers

Music Teachers should possess a minimum of Grade 8 and/or Diploma and/or at least 3 years of teaching experience.

Professional Teachers

Professional and senior teachers are musicians with over 10 years of teaching experience and/ or has a Degree in Music or equivalent. 

We value our teachers and commit to build a supportive teaching and music community


You may send your applications to with the following details:

- Supporting Documents of Qualifications/ Certifications

- 1 video recording/ youtube link of you playing your instrument

- Short Writeup about yourself and your teaching style

- Music CV/ Resume (if applicable)

- List of past performances (if applicable)

- List of previous students' exam results (if applicable)


We provide resources and support for you to create contents for lesson materials

Work with our designers, musicians, marketing and printing suppliers to create your own publications and teaching methodology in collaboration with Key Signature Music School.

Students Turn

We encourage our students to get themselves involved in music teaching as they pursue higher levels of musicianship. This helps them gain experience, boost their portfolio as well as contribute to the community by sharing their skills and knowledge to younger musicians.

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Students pursuing Grade 7 and 8 in Key Signature Music School are eligible for this teaching opportunity. Students will shadow experienced teachers, get tips and guidance on how to improve their teaching skills.

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